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Dorky mcDorksalot

Rides again

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Green, pedo werewolf
External Services:
  • the_blue_ninja@livejournal.com
  • ellaandthewolf
  • savantism@gmail.com

My (unlocked) fandom journal is khaki_hero

Sometimes I meta about my rp characters at squiriferous

Head space at greenisatard, yo

@daisychainrpg I play:

Running up that hill | Gokudera Hayato | tsundera

@countshire I play:

Break the night with colour | Rhea Jones | emosniper
Let's get together | Tito DeAngelo | viduifical
Winterborn (this sacrifice) | Adair Thomas | buryfear
Two more years | Zafer Tansel | evernearer

@legacyrpg I played:

The World at Large | Helga Louie | awesomeblitz
Books from Boxes | Tristram Conall | bleakfall
Brightly Wound | Henry Patrickson | anoblejoust
Broken Bones | Myra Lethe | spellstrouble

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